Treehorn is a rock band from Minneapolis, MN.

Forged from the fires of the Twin Cities music scene, Treehorn is comprised of five musicians who have done their homework. The musicians of Treehorn are assembled from Minnesota bands such as Wookiefoot, Jacuzzi Puma, and Hurricane Blaze - and on top of that, two musicians are classically trained members of Minnesota Orchestra, Minnesota Opera, and Copper Street Brass. Whatever your musical taste, Treehorn really ties the room together. 

Treehorn’s musicians grew up worshipping the loud grunge and alternative hard-rock bands of the 90s, and they specialize in bringing this music to live audiences around the Twin Cities. Treehorn rocks tunes from the likes of Stone Temple Pilots, Blur, Alice in Chains, Jane’s Addiction, The Offspring, Cake, Radiohead, Pixies, Weezer, Foo Fighters, Sublime, Oasis, and much more. 

Treehorn believes every song should sound better than it does on the album - every single time. They don’t just cover bands, they bring the precise sound, vibe, and energy of the music right to you. 

But Treehorn is more than another rock band on the scene - it’s a complete experience. They don’t care how you look, where you’re from, or what music you know…they will catch your attention and keep it, while raising both your pulse and the venue temperature. If that also happens to encourage head-banging, consensual sexual encounters, or increased bar sales, then so be it. 

The one thing that’s for sure? Treehorn abides.